PS Vita Wallpaper-pack 4 (Updated)

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UPDATE (07-13-2012)

On request, I’ve updated both wallpaper-packs (with and without the Photoshop-templates) with a bunch of new labels:

  • PlayStation One Games
  • PlayStation Mobile Applications
  • PlayStation Mobile Games
  • Miscellaneous Stuff
Also, thanks (again) for the amazing response both through email, other blogs and social media!

Hey, guess what?

I felt like creating some brand new wallpapers for my PlayStation Vita, so I did.
They’re kind of in the same style as the old ones, though they still feel fresh.

I’ve been messing with a variety of shapes and ended up using this kind of arrow-like shape. The category-labels are placed a bit different this time around, so that you have more room for your apps and games.

Of course, the wallpaper-pack comes in two versions:

I hope you like ‘em as much as I do. Let me know what you think in the comments!



  1. May I know what font you’ve used in the template?

    Thx in advance.

    • Of course.

      I have used ‘ Bordeaux (Regular)’ for the main titles and ‘Helvetica Neue (Light)’ for the subtitles.

      They are both commercial fonts though.

      • Hello Camgen,
        I was searching though google trying to find wallpapers for the vita. I’m a very picky person when its come to deciding wallpapers. When I stumbled to yours I was amazed. I’m not easy to please when it has come to wallpapers.

        So is it possible to have a transparent one for this without the lovely scenery? Thank you. Reason being is because I am a dynamic wallpaper person. I like to see things move in the background. Thanks for your time.

        Zepa Volther

      • All right man like your wall papers and that but any chance you could upload just the templates on a black background as I really like style but just prefer plain backgrounds pls =)

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous and amazing! Thank you!!!

  3. Is there a way to download this straight to vita?

  4. Excellent job! You make my Vita look good!

  5. Can you post each wallpapers so I can just download them straight from my PS Vita, & not have to hassle with the computer? Thank you!

  6. Can you make a wallpaper that sorts out the augmented reality games?

  7. i absolutely love ur work , they are by far the best and most professional wallpapers on the net so thanks !! with ps one games and ps all stars coming soon to the vita is there any chance you can base a theme around playstation icons :)? iv tried using ur templates but they just arent as good as ur work :)

    • Hi greg! Thanks for your comment.

      I’ll definitely look into creating a new set of wallpapers based on icons. I’ve tried this before, but then my Macbook crashed and I lost a lot of work.

      Currently, I’m very busy with my new job, but as soon as I have some spare time I’ll get right on it.


      • thanks so much! congrats on ur new job and for making my vita look epic. just wanted to make sure you knew ur work is being appreciated (they r everywhere on forums)

        p.s in case i wasnt clear- i meant icons as in playstation characters, e.g crash bandicoot, lara croft, etc etc – just think it would be an awesome tribute :)

  8. i am “great feeling enjoyment to have having this on personal Vita and wishing much saying “thanking to you from myself it is enjoy for me much happiness :)

  9. This pack is really awesome and I can’t wait for the pack 5 which I’m sure it will be even better :)

  10. I really like this set, PURELY AWESOME. The one thing it lacks is the ‘psn games’ bar, but other than that it’s almost a piece of art.

    • this pack is awesome i love your work as pikun said though a psn wallpaper and augmented games one would really finish for it me cant wait for your next pack keep up the good work

  11. Hey there, great work. These are beautiful. I was wondering if you could make one that say’s “Currently Playing”

    I have a page on my Vita for games I’m currently working my way through. Thanks.

  12. You’re very very good.

    You’re a talent

  13. Where could I download them?

  14. can you please make your downloads compatable with the vita? Kind of pissing me off here.

  15. These are simply awesome. Great work.

  16. Great job! I stumbled upon this site while looking for good Vita themes. Top-notch work, sir. A great solution to the Vita’s labeling issue. I hate to ask you to do more work, but what would it take for you to make similar wallpapers for Playstation Plus games and Augmented Reality games? I’d do it myself but I lack the skills. Could I send a PayPal donation or something?

    If not, I understand. Thanks so much for these awesome designs!



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