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By on 03-12-2012 in Desktop Publishing (DTP), Interface/Webdesign, Tech and Games

UPDATE: Brand new Vita wallpapers here.

When I got my PlayStation Vita, I immediately wanted to organize my games and apps… because I’m just a bit OCD like that. ;-)
Unfortunately, right now, the Vita doesn’t support folders, labels or something alike. So I thought of some wallpapers to take care of that issue.

You can download the wallpapers right here (zipped).

When I posted these to NeoGAF and other gaming boards, they proved to be very popular (over 2500 downloads in 24 hours). And although I really liked the typographic character of the first set of wallpapers, they don’t offer much space for apps.
Additionally, the PlayStation Vita currently only supports up  to a max. of 10 screens at the same time, so I eventually made three more sets and decided to provide Photoshop template-files with them, so everyone could add their own backgrounds to the designs and change the labeling of the categories to their liking.


PS Vita ‘Categorize’ Wallpaper Pack #2 – Abstract and Nature




PS Vita ‘Circles’ Wallpaper Pack #3




  1. hi, just wanna say i LOVE ur work! im ocd too and reguarlarly change wallpapers but urs are just too good to change :) so thanks for peace of mind haha. is there anyway u would consider creating different wallpapers for the large typography papers (ur first ones) as they are the best imo but need more screens :) also are u still creating new wallpapers out of interest? awesome work again

    • Hi Greg, thanks for the kind words!

      I just realize I didn’t include a template-file with the first set of wallpapers… so I’ll try and add one ASAP, so you can either add more backgrounds yourself or ask someone with Photoshop to do it for you (it’s really easy though!).


  2. Loving your work mate. I have bookmarked your site for future wallpapers etc, great stuff, keep up the excellent work.

  3. Kevin, absolutely loving your work here. Thanks for taking the time to create and share your work.

    I’ll spread the word, and once again THANK YOU :)

    Paul from the Uk (Manchester)

  4. Any chance you can make a Final Fantasy 7 theme with the categories on?

    • +1 for me!! I also like your wallpapers very much, especially the categories, but I would also like game-themed sets of wallpapers! Unfortunately I dont have photoshop or the money to get it so I’ll just have to wait!!

  5. You got amazing skills man. What are the chances of getting the “Circles” pack without the text in the center of the screen?

    • Yeah I agree with Grae. The circles pack is amazing. I think would personally prefer it without the text, but if that’s how you intended it to be then i understand. Do you happen to have any templates for the lock screen? Not really too focused on the zipper effect, but maybe something that has a darker shade focusing on the time & date. Thanks for your efforts towards customizing the Vita.

      • Thanks JokR-

        Feel free to download the template and remove the texts.

        And right now, I haven’t really worked on anything for the lockscreen yet, but I’ll have a look at it shortly and will certainly keep the darker shade behind the time & date in mind!

        To everyone else asking for wallpapers with game-characters etc… I’m afraid I don’t have time for that right now. But to everyone that doesn’t have Photoshop, or doesn’t know how to work with it: I’m told that ‘Gimp’ is a great alternative – and best of all: It’s free!

  6. Thanks for the quick reply and I don’t know why I didn’t think of simply adjusting the template. Yeah I look forward to your future work, thanks in advance.

  7. Nogmaals bedankt voor deze ‘thema’s! Het ziet er echt supermooi uit!

  8. Hey Caemgen, excellent wallpapers! It makes the Vita so much better. I’m using your circles (top right hand corner) wallpapers. Is there any chance you could make two additional wallpapers in this series? One for A.R. games and one just labelled miscellaneous. I have the template a go and my version just looks crap. Appreciate your work!

  9. Really nice templates here :)

    We would really love to feature your site on would this be ok?


  10. Hi! I’m really liking the wallpapers. I was wondering though because I can’t seem to edit the pictures. If I activate a layer, the background is included, and I don’t know how I’ll put mine in without taking out the labels as well. I’ve also been notified that I don’t have the font which might be what’s causing the file to be uneditable (oh and I don’t know how to open the set.) Hope you can help me out with this. :)

    • Oh, it seems Elements doesn’t accept groups. I’ll see what I can do about this, but thanks so much for the templates!

    • Hello again! So I managed to make it work with GIMP, and I’m so happy with the results! I was wondering if I could request a template that says ‘apps’ instead of ‘social apps’ :) All the app logos in the template are small, and GIMP won’t let me edit them (Unfortunately I also don’t have the font.) Thanks!

  11. Hey, I downloaded your templates and customized it to my preference(wallpaper, text, and removed some layers). Hopefully you don’t mind, I placed the customized ones I made on a website(not my own since I don’t have a website), but I did give you the credit for the wonderful templates. Thanks for sharing.

    ^ My album is placed there, and as you can tell I placed the link to this page so other people can enjoy the themes/templates. Thanks, again!

    • Hey Marvin,

      Sure, no problem at all! Appreciate you linking back to this page.

      Well done, looks great!

      I’m considering doing another pack soon, something different… but so far I haven’t found the time :-(

  12. Hi,

    I love the “Circles” pack!
    On the wall, you write in English… It’s normal but I love to have all my items in my language… I’m french and I want it in French…

    You said the name of the font but I think the font isn’t free..

    What can I do to translate Vita games in “Jeux Vita”, “Vita Demo” in “Démos Vita”, “Social apps” in “Applications”, “Media, Internet and Settings” in “Media, Internet et Paramètres”..?

    Which font can I use? I can’t pay for a font. :/

    • Thanks Adrien!

      I’m afraid I can’t send you the font, as it’s indeed a paid commercial font.

      However, you could just try and find a similar font or pick a new one that you like from and change it to that one.

      Then, just translate the labels and there you go! ;)

  13. Hey thanks for posting these, I seen your initial post on Neogaf and came here to see the rest. Really nice job, Sony needs to add a meta data feature to Vita software that tags and moves it into specified marked areas. Until then your wall papers are my only salvation, lol!

  14. Amazing stuff; thank you!

  15. These are fantastic. Thanks!

  16. Wow is cool i putting the wallpaper on mine and mine friends and they say is the best

  17. Hey Caoimghin,

    your PS Vita wallpapers are amazing! I love them :D Especially the sets ‘Abstract’ and ‘Circles’, but I’m not a fan of the text and the left thing, it’s a matter of taste. May I have only the background without the text and the left thing, please?

    • This is the type of movie where you can probably use every silnge scene as a wallpaper because every scene is as if it was made to look like a piece of art.It’s rare that one finds that in a movie. 300 has it.Great movie and therefor great wallpapers lol.

  18. Hey i really want to use your templates for my vita background but i can’t download them…PLEASE HELP!!!! :D AWESOME WORK BTW!!!

  19. What font do you use for the category names? I want to make some of my own especially for organizing my games themselves.

  20. For the pack no 3 can you create one named AR PLAY , please, please.

  21. Fantastic work, glad I found you.

  22. a few more categories for Pack 2 would be awesome though ;-)

  23. how do u download these i tried on my psvita

  24. For the pack no 3 can you create one named AR PLAY , please, please,please

  25. my ps vita wont let me download the themes.they look really cool.

  26. when I download it says that they have a virus can you e-mail me j-pegs of each so I can use too? thanks


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